Zentangle Workshop
March 26    10 - 12pm

Celebrate a brand new year by discovering your 
Inner Artist...
"Exploring Zentangle" 
led by 
Christine Garrott, Certified Zentangle Teacher

NO art experience required!

​A P R I L


Powertex Workshop - April 4
9 - 12:30pm - Figurine Class  $95

Making a fabric sculpture allows complete freedom of expression in creating wonderful figurines that have their own individuality and presence. First a wire armature is constructed, 'mummified' and then 'dressed' and draped with fabric dipped into the fabric hardener Powertex.

We guide you step by step to transform your armature into a unique sculpture.Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you'll love this workshop.

1:30 - 5:30pm
Suma $130 or Wooden Disc $110

Easy 3D flex (an organic filling compound) will be mixed with Powertex to get sculpting clay. When applied on our figure we will press very detailed prints into the surface, with rope, screws, buttons, stencils, etc...This way you get the most amazing effects.

We deepen the color by spraying Bister, which is a brown patina. Once dried to the air or heat source cracks appears and it gets rock hard. Our artwork is mounted on a beautiful black metal base.Your creation will be gorgeous and ready to sell.